acodemy coding courses

Be fit for the future - learn to code with acodemy!

  • Do you like to play on your computer or mobile?
  • Do you want to create games and stories by yourself? 

If the answer is yes, then acodemy is the right place for you!

acodemy coding courses

Coding for Kids

acodemy is a coding school where children learn to code with fun and creativity. We offer weekly coding lessons for kids aged between 5 and 12 years at 6 venues in and near Vienna. Schools and kindergardens can also book coding workshops.

Our website is not fully translated yet. Please contact us with questions, we are happy to talk and write to you in English.


phone: +43 664 5250592

Coding course for kids

News / new courses

In corona-times we offer all our coding courses live-online. Children learn to code in very small groups with an acodemy trainer and with max 4 other children. We code with Scratch or MINECRAFT. We are happ to talk and write to you in English, please contact us. 

You can find all courses in German directly here: 

Kids learn to code

Why learn to code?

  • Computational Thinking – also called algorithmic thinking – is a way of solving problems in a structured way, being creative and learning from your mistakes.
  • Complex Problem Solving will be the Nr 1 most required skill for the 21st century!

The World Economic Forum mentions the following skills as most relevant by 2020: Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity

These skills are targeted, developed and trained in the coding lessons at acodemy.

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Coding yes - but how?

During acodemy lessons kids learn to code while creating their own stories and computer games. They have fun, are creative, work together with friends and have feelings of success! acodemy is also happy to give coding lessons in English.
Please contact us: +43 664 5250592 or

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Kids should control the computer - not the other way round

While they learn to code childen realise that computers and tablets are not "magic boxes". They can only work based on their programming.

Coding courses, camps and workshops

Our courses

Courses are in the afternoon at the acodemy venues and in schools. We offer courses for children aged between 6 and 15 years at 5 different levels: ScratchJr (6-7 years) Scratch Beginners, Scratch Advanced, Scratch Experts (8-12 years) and MIT App Inventor for kids 13+ years.

With the button underneath you will be redirected to our courses, the descriptions are in German. We are happy to help you in English, please call or email:
phone: +43 664 5250592, email:

acodemy Team

The acodemy Team

acodemy is an Austrian company, founded in 2016 by two ladies commited to the technical education of the new generation:

Anna Relle Stieger and Elisabeth Weißenböck